Thursday, 14 June 2012

Interview with Rai Ramachandran, Chosen One

Starting today we feature a series of profile pieces with the Chosen Ones who have been enlisted by Mimir the wise master, to save our universe from the evil Shaitan. First up is a conversation with Rai Ramachandran, inter-galaxy tour operator, alumni of Arkana - the prestigious Academy of Half Lives, Chosen One. 

Rai Ramachandran, Chosen One

Ray? What is the story behind your name? That's Rai with an 'i'. I was named Darich after Keane Richards, one of the most infamous rock stars in the galaxy. Though why my mother couldn’t just call me Richard I don’t know! You can call me Rai – short and simple, (with an i please!) 

Tell me more...After Shaitan killed my mother (who was his lover, so I think Shaitan is my father.... I don’t know for sure) I grew up in an orphanage on the streets of Bombay. I gotta say that Slumdog Millionaire was probably based on my life, except for the millionaire bit. Things just aren’t that simple in real life are they? 

What is your problem in life? Political? World PeaceAh! It’s a little more personal than that. I am between two worlds in many ways. I am not ready to talk about it.... yet 

Who do you normally hang with? Yudi and Tiina are my best friends. They are childhood sweethearts too. First love and all that... sometimes I do feel like a third wheel, especially since I have a slight crush on Tiina (but don’t tell her as she is also my BFF)

Are you in a relationship? It’s complicated!

Anyone we know? Uh! no comment... but if you read The Destiny of Shaitan, you will find out more about my chequered past.

And who would you love to hate....? You mean Shaitan? (Shudder)....Darth Wader seems tame by comparison!

Any regrets then? If only I had met my mother. I wish I could have saved her from Shaitan. 

Any message for your fans? Can I tell you a secret? I am glad I am not like Yudi who always loses his confidence at the last minute. Or for that matter like Tiina! Is that girl ambitious, I tell you! Me? I believe you only have one life, even if it is a Half Life... so you gotto follow your heart and live every moment as if it is your last. 

Ok! I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for your time (By the way, I love your blue jump suit, who designed it?

Read more about Rai in The Destiny of Shaitan now on Amazon

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