Thursday, 25 April 2013

A win

After winning the 2012 Readers Choice Awards last summer, just received the news that The Destiny of Shaitan has won GOLD, in the multicultural genre at the ELit Electronic Book Awards

I almost didn't see the email, assuming from the subject of the message that it would not be of interest to me. 

And then when I did see the book and my name against it in the email, felt strangely calm.

It felt like such an intimate moment between me and my creation, a purple patch of sereneness that if i were to touch would simply fade away. So I mulled over it for a while. Then put out the message on Facebook, took it down a bit after the initial congratulatory messages, then decided to broadcast it again. Somehow it all felt unreal, as if I really need not do this self-congratulatory, promotional stuff any more. But then as an Indie author, one needs to keep pushing it right? Or perhaps not, it just feels secondary to the actual process of continuing to build word by word.

Now more than anytime, it feels that I need to stay focussed, channel the muse, keep writing; am 60% of the way through Return to 7 Islands, the second in the Bombay Chronicle series, and have the synopsis for the third ready.

If you are a fellow author, have you felt a similar sense of gliding in this phase, an almost post-coital exhaustion perhaps half way through the journey?

Do write in and let me know

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